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Pool Rules

Pool Rules and Regulations
  1. Smoking, food, drinks and chewing gum are prohibited in the pool area.
  2. NO running or pushing on the pool deck.
  3. NO intentional splashing or horseplay in the pool.
  4. NO diving in the shallow end of the pool. Back dives off the side of the pool are strictly prohibited.
  5. All patrons under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult/guardian in the pool, regardless of age, children needing assistance or flotation devices to swim must have an adult supervisor 18 or older in the water with them at all times. 
  6. Children 8-13 swimmers must have an adult/guardian present on the pool deck. This does not include the second floor observation deck.
  7. Only lifeguards and authorized staff are allowed on the bulkhead. 
  8. Abusive or inappropriate language will not be tolerated and can result in removal from the pool.
  9. SWIMMING UNDER THE BULK HEAD IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED and will result in removal from the pool.
Other Pool Rules and Regulations
  1. All pool users must take showers before entering the pool in accordance with state law.
  2. Persons with a contagious disease, open sores, infectious condition, or severe sunburn may not enter the pool. 
  3. No glass of any kind is allowed in the pool, on the pool deck, or in the locker room.
  4. No street shoes are allowed on the pool deck.
  5. All swimmers must wear clean, appropriate swimwear. No cut-offs, long pants, or under garments are allowed. Long hair must be tied back or secure under a cap.
  6. Non-swimmers or weak swimmers must remain in the shallow water unless they are in a class with an instructor. Entrance into the deep end requires swimming one length of the pool without stopping or touching the bottom. NO flotation devices are allowed in the deep end.
  7. Hanging on lane lines and lifelines is not allowed unless it's an emergency exit.
  8. Safety equipment may only be used for instructional or emergency situations. 
  9. Disposable swim pants are required for young children needing a diaper. Regular disposable diapers are not allowed in the pool. The front desk may have disposable swim pants available for a small fee. 
Diving Board Rules and Regulations
  1. Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time.
  2. Only one bounce is allowed per dive.
  3. All divers must dive straight forward.
  4. NO handstands, twists, flips, cartwheels etc. are allowed.
Complex diving may only occur under the supervision of a coach.
*Ultimately, lifeguards are in charge of safety in the pool area. If at any time a lifeguard feels a situation is unsafe or makes them uncomfortable, they have the right to tell anyone to leave the pool at any time.*